STUDIO  A:       

SIZE: 15×20



$14.00 per hour               Monday to Friday Before  6.00 pm

$19.00  per hour              Monday Special  After 6:00pm

$22.00  per hour             Tuesday to Friday  After 6:00pm

 $19:00 per hour              Saturday and Sunday   All Day



Studio Size 15×20/ Stage

-         5Pc Pacific Drum Kit Inc-cymbals  
-         Marshall MG100 HDFX + MG 412 Slant Cab
-         Crate GT 2x12
-         Gallien Krueger 700RBII
-         Gallien Krueger + 4x10, 1x15 cabs

-         Yamaha EMX 5014C 12 Channel Mixer

          2x Main Speakers

          2x JBL floor Monitors 

-         Tascam CD recorder

-         and ! Yes ! a Couch and Air Conditioning is included in every Studio       
          (Cymbals and Music Gear are based on Availability depending on Repairs)